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Taking a leap of faith is always a scary thing to do. People never want to admit when they are afraid, because everybody wants to be the hardest one on the block, but somebody has to be the bitch at some point. Simple as that.

Welcome to the wonderfully dark mind of yours truly. The random, creative, vengeful mind of the one any only Ran.

Not to say that you won’t find helpful links, advice, offers, promos, sales, deals, hot topics, music drops, etc. Money Over Bitches. So please feel free to take advantage of that as well while I work to get this blog off the ground for various reasons.


Art is a beautiful thing. It can always be interpreted completely differently even though the image never changes. Understanding how people see the world is not easy when their opinion is completely different from yours. 
Blue eyed people are more tolerant of alcohol and less tolerant of the sun

Contrary to the modern normal money-making schemes, I honestly didn’t start this blog solely for the income (NOT TURNING IT DOWN! IT’S JUST A PLUS, if, and whenever, it comes.)

I’ve been secretly writing in random journals and diaries for years for various reason. Now that I’m 26, and only growing older and wiser, I think I may have a different insight on some things that may be helpful to somebody in the world. I plan on publicly displaying a lot of my creativity, opinions, and other talents as well.

There will be a link added, eventually, that will lead to some adult content as well.

RANDOM THOUGHT: I am linking everything together with this specific blog being the heart and soul of my entire existence as far as my Work-From-Home adventures go. A whole lot of Random Ran Dumb shit raw, slightly thought about before being posted, however very much honest. BIG MAN’S PODCAST LINK WILL ALSO BE ADDED AS A LINK! ( Yes, I’m going to have a #RandomRanDumbIshFam blog as well.


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